Slenderiiz Weight Management System

Looking for a great way to burn fat while building muscle? Grand Rapids area personal trainer Debbie Martilotta offers Slenderiiz products to those who have had limited or no success losing weight, even with diet and exercise. Slenderiiz is a perfect supplement to your workout sessions with Debbie, as it gives your body all of the nutrients it needs, boosts your metabolism, controls your appetite, elevates your mood, and decreases the chances of rebound weight gain.

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Products Available:


PureNourish combines amino acids from carefully-selected plants, enzymes, probiotics, and natural sugars into a nutrient-rich formula that is designed to enhance digestion and attain optimal nutrient absorption. Each serving combines 14 essential vitamins and minerals with high-quality protein, natural enzymes, and 28% of the daily adult fiber requirement in a satisfying supplement shake. PureNourish also contains probiotics and prebiotics for accelerated assimilation of nutrients, increased intestinal health, and a stronger immune system.


PN-powerPower Boost

If you’re using PureNourish while training with Debbie, you will want to consider adding Power Boost to your regimen. It can be added to PureNourish to add a bold cocoa flavor and quickly replenish energy and nutrients post-workout. The Power Boost formula also includes amino acids to support optimal athletic performance and recovery.


pn-beautyBeauty Boost

Beauty Boost can be added to PureNourish to promote healthy hair, skin and nails. Although it is formulated to address the specific nutritional needs of hair, skin and nails, your internal systems will also benefit from Beauty Boost’s vitamins, minerals, and bioflavonoids from a variety of natural plant extracts.


tincturesSlenderiix & XCELER8

These supplements, when combined with Vitamin B12, control your appetite and boost your metabolism, therefore increasing the number of calories that your body burns for energy.



Get Started with Slenderiiz

Looking to get started losing weight while supplementing your strength training sessions with Debbie Martilotta? You can easily fill in any nutritional gaps in your diet and set yourself up for success with Slenderiiz! To learn more and to order Slenderiiz from Debbie, visit her personal page at!