The Gym

DBM Strength clients train in a fully equipped, premier training facility. Here we focus on brief sessions of high-intensity strength training, plus diet and lifestyle changes. The gym is designed for clients who want to achieve maximum results. Our equipment is top notch and selected based on the best research in the discipline of strength training.

Here are some pictures of our facility with clients hard at work:

Clients In Action – Grand Rapids Fitness Gym

Gym Equipment available includes:

  • Nautilus low back machine trainer
  • Chin Dip Assist Machines
  • Classic Nautilus Pullover
  • Medex overhead press
  • Medex Lateral raise
  • Dumbell room
  • Glute-Ham raise machine
  • Calf machine
  • Hammer Strength grip machine
  • Incline & decline bench
  • Medex dip machine
  • Medex pull down machine
  • Medex chest press machine
  • Medex Row machine for upper and mid back
  • Medex Leg press machine
  • Nautilus tricep & bicep machine
  • Avenger wide chest press
  • Rogers athletic mid-upper back rowing machine
  • Avenger plate loaded uper chest shoulder machine
  • Slot rack
  • Rogers athletic power squat machine
  • Hammer strength single leg squat glut machine
  • Avenger plate loaded press machine