Happy New Year

December 26th, 2018 by Debbie Martilotta

For most, the New Year is for resolution and new goals. Sometimes, for repeating goals that were set last New Years Eve.

But for me, it is another holiday, wonderful on its own, but another day of living the lifestyle I chose several years ago. I eat a strict diet of food my body needs to function at its best daily. I exercise twice a week for 30-minutes and focus on balance in my work and personal life, as best I can.

I gave myself this gift.

I too had my New Years resolutions over the years. I found that until I made my lifestyle fit my goals, I was destined to keep chasing those resolutions. So, as Christmas has just ended, you might wonder what my “lifestyle” looked like?

I worked out twice a week for 30-minutes each.
I kept to my diet of lean meat and fish and plants.
I avoided changing my lifestyle to “go with the flow”.
I drank water, not wine.
I ate from the veggie tray, not the dessert tray.
I declined invitations that overscheduled me.

My clients have varying goals. Some really want to be focused on building a strong, lean, body, and many want to be stronger and leaner. For all my clients, I am privileged to be their personal trainer. I will support their diet and fitness goals and champion their successes. But for all of my current and future clients, know that I also wish for you to find your own “lifestyle” that you can live each and every day, regardless of the holiday or the company you are in.

Stay true to your goals, hold tight to the vision you have for the best version of you, and let me support your daily resolutions in 2019!

Debbie Martilotta
Owner and Certified Personal Trainer