Debbie Martilotta is a certified personal trainer in Grand Rapids and West Michigan who gets results in 1 hour per week. She is warm, personable, and empathetic, yet she will push you to your limits in order to help you achieve your goals. That’s because she’s fought her own battle for fitness. Her unique approach to fitness focuses on giving individuals the tools they need to build and maintain a high level of physical activity and a healthy approach to life. Workout sessions are in an intimate, clean, and modern studio in Cascade, MI.

The Benefits of the DBM Strength Training Approach

Strength training can improve physical performance, movement control, walking speed, functional independence, cognitive abilities, and self-esteem. Plus, it can reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, enhance cardiovascular health, and decrease chances of developing type 2 diabetes. Gaining strength minimizes your chance of getting hurt. You’ll increase bone density and strengthen your tendons and ligaments, so not only are you simply able to lift more weight, but you’re also building resistance to injury.

DBM Gets Results

Here’s a typical success story with DBM, one that was published in a Lansing Health and Fitness Magazine: Christina Bossardet started out using 15 pound dumbbells to squat press and is now pushing 40 pounders. When she started out on assisted pull-ups she needed 80 pounds of assistance. Now she requires less than 30 pounds. She lost 4 inches in her waist and 3 inches in her hips, just by strength training twice a week for a half-hour session each time. No treadmills, ellipticals, aerobics or marathons. Just simply strength training, along with giving up wheat, dairy, processed foods, and sugar. She is delighted that she can now fit into pants that she hasn’t worn in 7 years! Not only is she strong but her confidence is through the roof!

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